Valuation of Innovative Drugs at ISPOR 2023 in Copenhagen

Sunday, 12 November 2023

We proudly announce this Short Course, which is offered in-person at the forthcoming ISPOR Europe 2023 conference in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The value of medical innovation depends on the perspective. Registration authorities mainly consider the clinical value of the medical innovation, whereas national health authorities take a broader perspective by including clinical, economic criteria, and potential other criteria like equity and social values.

Especially interesting is that we also include the perspective of the investor by applying economic valuation theory.

We include examples of orphan drugs which are most striking to illustrate the concepts, but we also include value assessment for more traditional innovative drugs, like oncology.

Our faculty: Marlene Gyldmark, Louis P. Garrison, Afschin Gandjour, Fred Sorenson and Mark Nuijten

Visit the ISPOR Europe 2023 Program page to register and learn more.


ISPOR Europe 2023: "Valuation of Innovative Drugs" • 2 min read

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