Early Strategic Value Scan

  • To predict the future clinical need and disease pathways at the time of launch.
  • To develop various scenarios for the expected product profile of the new product.
  • To predict the optimal positioning of the new product:
    • Positioning: 1-line, 2-line, 3-line treatment
    • Subpopulation: e.g. subpopulation at risk, severe subpopulation
  • To assess the expected burden of disease at time of launch.
  • To assess the potential risk of payment schedules like pay-for performance and price volume arrangements.
  • To adapt the design of forthcoming clinical studies from a clinical and market access perspective. 


The outcomes of the strategic scan, sales forecast model, effectiveness model, pricing model and sales forecast model can be linked with the Discounted Cash Flow method in order to optimalise the economic value of the biotechnology company taken into considerations the hurdles for reimbursement and market access.