Market Access

The preparation of the project plan and reimbursement dossier for submission in each country and manage timing and communications with the relevant agencies. 

The development of key components of the reimbursement dossier: clinical section, cost-effectiveness and budget impact section. We will ensure that the clinical part of the reimbursement dossier and the economic parts are aligned, especially with regard to the claims, comparator(s) and value messages.   

Development of multicountry health economic models and country-specific model adaptations for existing models including the full spectrum of diseases for all countries.

Medical writing for clinical sections in reimbursement dossiers.

Development of global core models:
Cost-effectiveness models: Markov models, Decision Tree Models
Budget impact analyses for financial analyses
Adaptation of global health economics models to local conditions prevailing in other countries.
Preparation of health economics dossiers for applications to the reimbursement benefits boards.